25000 Talons slot review

25000 Talons Slot Review: High Volatility, RTP 96.38%

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In this following 25000 Talons slot review, you will see how to earn big prizes. North American species have long been shown in slot machine symbols, and this game is a perfect example. 

This new game is offered from Microgaming and Alchemy Gaming, and it is a collaborative release, as are most of the larger company’s titles these days. There’s a lot more to this game than eagles and buffalo, so have a look and see what type of prizes and features it has to offer.

Best 25000 Talons Slot Review

You can expect a standard gaming area with 5×3 reels, but there are only 10 active win lines. The slot has a lot of potential, and if you can claim the fixed Mega Prize, you can win a 25,000x jackpot. 

Of course, it’s quite volatile, but the RTP range reaches a maximum of 96.38%, so it’s also fair. There are a few other noteworthy features, like the Wheel Bonus, random Fire Spins, huge symbols, scatters, and numerous different types of free spins. Lots of interesting choices at Slot gates of olympus for you to play.

1. Wagering Options

If all you want to do is have some fun or check out the slot’s action, you can pay as little as you desire. It only takes $0.10 to accomplish this. Bets of up to $20 are also available if you wish to try your luck for a bigger prize.

Given the stakes and the possibility of winning up to 25,000x the stake, this slot machine might net players a $500,000 jackpot. The title of 25000 Talons hints at that, but it doesn’t make much sense otherwise. If the Mega Prize is obtained by it, there is a special feature called the Wheel Bonus that can provide that reward.

The typical game with such big payouts is also quite volatile, and 25000 Talons is no exception. 

Microgaming has recently begun to provide slots with varying RTPs, and 25000 Talons is no exception. Its best RTP is 96.38%, which is the one I’d recommend you keep an eye on.

2. Game Features

The W logo serves as the slot’s substitute, and it’s also a symbol that can help you build some of the highest-paying combos. 

On each line, you can win up to 50 times your bet, and because wilds can cover all lines (especially when you combine Fire Trail Wilds with Giant Wilds during the free spins), it’s not impossible to win big.

Fire Trail

To the left is the Fire Trail, which is a list of four premium symbols, plus the Wild, each with a possible prize.

While playing the standard side of the slot, a Fire Spin can be triggered at any time. If it happens, one of the Fire Trail symbols is added to the first two reels, totally covering them. 

At the same moment, the last three reels will be covered with Bonus Wheel, High, or Wild symbols, all of which are 3×3 in size, for that one spin.

Bonus Wheel

If you get the Bonus Wheel to completely cover reels 3-5 at this time, you’ll be taken to the Wheel bonus game. There are four possible prizes to be claimed there, one of which will be the Mega Prize (25,000x the stake). The Mini, Minor, and Major Prizes are the others.

To cover the first two reels, the game will take the animal indicated in the free spins moniker as a stacked symbol. 

The remaining three reels will then spin, revealing large symbols with wilds, premium icons, or Level Ups (a fully visible one adds 4 additional spins, and an upgrade for the Fire Trail symbol, up to the Wild).

3. Design and Theme

If we look at the 25000 Talons motif, we won’t discover anything particularly interesting. If you look at the backdrop image, you’ll notice a large area covered in trees from North America, with rivers flowing through them. Overall, I’d say it’s a nice design, even somewhat better than average.

The set of symbols begins with four Royals, ranging from Jack to Ace. Cougars, buffalo, bears, American eagles, the W wild, and the Golden Eagle disperse are next on the list.

Final Conclusion

Looking at everything this game has to offer, we think it’s a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a high-volatility slot. Despite the fact that it only has ten lines, the top rewards are great, and the features appear fantastic. Well, that is our 25000 Talons slot review

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