Blackjack Variations Introducing Guide

The game of Blackjack is very diverse. Unlike some other games, the Blackjack player is not limited to the same game over and over. Each variation of Blackjack has its own set of rules.

It’s important to know these before diving in. If you know the general rules of the game, you will have a head start at all. But, a little knowledge goes a long way in avoiding unnecessary trouble.

You can find quite a few similar rules among the many Blackjack variations. The basic rule of thumb is the same for almost all variations, but some variations can be more complicated than others. The goal of each variation is to have a percentage advantage over the dealer.

While the game, generally, is played for the house, there are some versions that reward the player for playing for him. Information on the other variations can be found on the Internet and book store. These resources can help you with learning the game and becoming an expert.

Blackjack Variations #1: Doubling Down

Blackjack Variations #1: Doubling Down

In almost all Blackjack variations, the player can only double down with two cards, after allowing the dealer to draw one card. Doubling down is a side bet offered after the initial deal. Most players find this addition to the game to be beneficial. The player is thus encouraged to increase the bet size. However, more complex strategies can be employed to increase the gain even without coming close to the dealer.

Blackjack Variations #2: Splitting

Blackjack Variations #2: Splitting

While the player is allowed to split a pair, this rule is normally only allowed for more experienced players. Unlike conventional casinos, the player can always split pairs. This can be done by placing the first card next to the original split card. The idea behind splitting is toDENote that a card is a potential victim of the dealer’s stick. If this happens, the first card is used again, potentially creating a stronger impression whatever the outcome.

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Blackjack Variations #3: Doubling After Splitting

Doubling down is not available at all casinos. In those casinos that allow it, the player is allowed to double down on any number of split cards, regardless of the accumulated total of the first two cards. The reason for this is to encourage players to Splits aces easier in the casinos.

Blackjack Variations #4: Late Counts

There exist two methods of running a game of blackjack, one using the Early Count and the other is the late count. The early count is counted using one card at a time and the full card is dealt the round following the first card. The full card is then given to the players face up.

This is the method most commonly used in European blackjack games. Late count, on the other hand, is a method of counting cards where the cards are dealt in random order, and then the count is made. Players have to remember the running count total of the cards to be able to determine if the odds are in their favor or not.

The full face card is given the highest value. The Ace is given the value of 11 with the King, Queen and Jack following. When the cards are dealt, if the number before the Ace is zero, the value of that card is taken away. All of the face cards value the amount 10. When this happens, the player has to make a split or a double.

Blackjack Variations #5: Splitting The Early Cards

Players can split any number of cards as long as two cards are not already split. This generally happens if the first two cards of the split are equal in value. An Ace and a card of the same number is the worst possible split. Also, two cards of the same face card is the best possible split.

On the face of it, these Blackjack variations can seem difficult to understand. However, once you are armed with the blackjack lingo, you will be competent to play in just a couple of minutes. Make sure you learn the blackjack variations before you start playing blackjack.