Caribbean Anne 2 Review

Caribbean Anne 2 Review: RTP 97.06%, High Volatility

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If you are looking for the Caribbean Anne 2 review, you can find it in this article. You may not be aware of Kalamba Games’ original Caribbean Anne (2019) online game slot if you haven’t been following them. 

This pirate-themed game was a “smash hit,” according to Kalamba, which explains why the pirates are back for a sequel. Most metrics have been boosted, features have been tweaked, and familiar faces have returned, as is typical in sequels. 

Kalamba has taken a nice move by removing the weird HyperBet system from the initial game, focusing instead on a couple of respin/free spin features and a HyperBet bonus buy where allowed. As additional information, I have provided 2 types of the best online betting agents with the best quality of service and games in the world. You can immediately register as an official member of the trusted online gambling agent 12CUCI or register to become an official member on the best and most trusted online slot gambling site on the Malaysian server Aw8.

Best Caribbean Anne 2 Review

For the sequel, things have improved. The initial Caribbean Anne game was bleak, with raging seas, Kraken tentacles, and other such features. 

1. Theme and Design

Caribbean Anne 2 appears to have discovered a lovely refuge where she can bury treasure or hide from privateer hunters. The sunny background art, a large skull cave, and lush tropical flora give the game a laid-back Caribbean mood in the main game.

That hill rising up in the center of the frame seems like it belongs in St Lucia. When the free spins feature is triggered, the scene shifts to a candlelit ship packed with treasures, with a full moon shining through the back window and a dramatic pirate score playing in the background. 

In both phases, the background art is excellent, and the female swashbuckler aspect is particularly appealing.

The simplicity of bet choices is arguably one of Caribbean Anne 2’s most growing increasingly. The original employed a four-tier HyperBet system, with the wild multiplier values increasing as you paid more. What was horrible about it, though, was how much the RTP changed. 

The RTP was a good 97.03% at the highest HyperBet level, but the bet grew by 5.4x. The RTP fell to a pathetic 93.52% if you gambled at the usual HyperBet 1 level. Yeah, it’s a bit of a mess.

2. RTP and Volatility

The excellent thing for Anne lovers is that there’s no arm-twisting in Caribbean Anne 2, as all bets earn the same return value, ranging from 40% to £/€80 every spin. 

The RTP is a sunny 96.71% while playing naturally, or 96.9% to 97.16% when buying the feature, regardless of stake. The gaming machine is played on a 5×4 grid with 40 fixed paylines, and the hit frequency is set at 17%. Kalamba is a high-risk, high-reward game with a lot of promise.

3. Pay Symbols

When at least three matching symbols land adjacently across a payline from the leftmost reel, the player has a hit. There are 10 pay symbols in all, six of which are low-value. 

The 9- After a card ranks, four higher-value premiums portraying various pirate characters are left. If you get five premiums in a row, you’ll get a reward of 0.75 to 1 times your bet. Fortunately, multipliers can be used to spice up those numbers.

4. Game Features

Caribbean Anne 2 lowers the rules while simplifying the stakes situation. However, this is Kalamba, so expect a few ‘huh?’ moments as you try to reconcile the paytable with what’s going on on the reels. Locking Wild Respins, free spins, and the HyperBonus, on the other hand, aren’t too extreme. To know how stunning this features game is, you may read Cleopatra Slot vs Cleopatra Secret’s Slot or the Cops and Robbers slot.

Looking Wild Respin

When the Anne symbol lands, it creates a Wild Frame surrounding the position it hits, displaying an x1 multiplier. On a subsequent spin, if another special Anne symbol lands in a frame, the multipliers in all frames in view rise by +1, up to a maximum of x30.

A distinctive cannon symbol is also included. When one of these symbols appears in the base game, it triggers a 1 x Locking Wild Respin, in which all framed places become wild multipliers. All frames are cleared from the reels for the next paid spin when the respin is completed and winners are paid.

Free Spins

The bonus symbols are treasure chests, and when three of them appear in the base game, the Free Spins bonus is triggered, as well as a 1x bet multiplier. Free spins are awarded indefinitely until the Locking Wild Respin feature is activated three times. 

Wild Frames remain on the reels during free spins until the bonus round concludes. Additionally, cannon symbols can be +1 cannons or x2 cannons. 

When activating a Locking Wild Res, The +1 cannon symbol enhances the Wild Frame multiplier by +1 before triggering a Locking Wild Respin. The x2 cannon doubles the Wild Frame multiplier before triggering a Locking Wild Respin.


Caribbean Anne 2 has four HyperBet bonus purchase options if they’re accessible. Each one comes to an end when a certain number of Locking Wild Respin features have been triggered. 

As a result, a bonus round containing 2, 3, 4, or 5 Respin features will cost you 19.55x, 58.55x, 148.5x, or 330.25x your wager, respectively.


This game keeps the spirit of the original while tweaking a few details to make it a better game overall. The goal in the base or bonus game is still to accumulate as many Wild Frames as possible in order to trigger some multiplier action. 

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Let’s pretend you filled the grid with the highest paying symbol without any modifications. Technically, the reward is a meager 40 times the bet. Fortunately, Wild Frames did yield the odd multiplier, while Caribbean Anne 2 has a more complicated cannon sign that activates respins than the original. 

At the end of this pokerlounge99 about Caribbean Anne 2 review, every 10 spins in the first one, the frames collected at that period would be turned into wilds. The process would then be repeated.

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