Beware, Gambling Destroys The Economy

Beware, Gambling Destroys The Economy

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One of the lures of gambling is winning game that will make you rich. This makes gambling become the idol of lazy people where gambling is not only entertainment but also a place to earn money.

And without them know that gambling destroys the economy of theirs and brings suffering.

A desire or from the community is not without reason, this is because people think that they can get money easily just by gambling. And in the end they were lulled by the victory of all that gambling was given at the beginning of the game.

The gamblers assume that the victory given at the beginning will continue to be obtained or will be repeated. They do not realize that in fact what will happen next is not a victory but a loss that is far greater or more frequent than the victory itself.

But unfortunately there are still many gamblers who are not aware of this, that gambling destroys the economy of theirs. They still think that they can still get money easily from playing a game slot online and kind of gambling.

The government itself has actually officially banned the circulation of gambling in Indonesia. If someone violates the law, the government will not hesitate to give severe punishment.

This is done by the government in order to save its people from being destroyed because of the negative effects that occur due to playing gambling.


There are currently two types of gambling that are spread in Indonesia, where online gambling and offline gambling are available. Online gambling is gambling that is done using the internet and smartphones. And to play it is to open a certain site for online poker gambling, online slot gambling, and others, and the site functions as a dealer.

While offline gambling is gambling that is done face-to-face where people are still used as dealers. Examples of offline gambling are rummy and cockfighting.

Whatever the form, gambling destroys the economy fall apart because both online and offline gambling all use money as a bet. Anyone who plays gambling will never win but lose because victory and defeat occur not because of expertise but has been regulated by a system that is detrimental to players

So stop gambling right now. Don’t believe ads or slogans. If you don’t want gambling destroys the economy of yours, then repent of gambling. Gambling brings nothing but suffering. Because there are so many other effects of gambling that you may not know

Other negative effects of gambling include: bankruptcy, mental health disorders, mental health disorders, and many more negative effects caused by gambling.

Get out of the gambling circle. Have a good and healthy life. You can get a better life in the future, as long as you stop to avoid the negative effects given by gambling.

The first way you can stop gambling is to cut off friendships with those who are still active in gambling, this is so you can forget the desire to play gambling.

The second things you can do is find and do as many positive activities outside as possible. Exercising and having fun with your family is another thing you can do to be free from gambling and avoid the effects of gambling destroys the economy as we mentioned earlier.

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