What is Dragon Tiger Game

What is Dragon Tiger Game

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The Dragon Tiger game is a card game similar to Baccarat. It was originally introduced in Cambodia after which it was picked up by online casinos around the world. Asian players love the simplicity and fast pace of this game. Evolution Gaming released a live version of Dragon Tiger and it has become very popular with us as well.

How to Playing Dragon Tiger Game

Dragon Tiger is a game in which you have to predict who has the higher card such as Dragon or Tiger. You do not play against the dealer or against the other players. No extra cards are drawn in the game which makes Dragon Tiger actually more like Casino War than Baccarat.

By default, there are only three possible outcomes. Either the dragon or the tiger wins, or there is a draw. Most versions of Dragon Tiger do not offer many side bets. In some versions you can also bet on whether the winning card will be big or small or on the suit of the card. A large bet means that the value of the card is higher than 7. With a small bet, you bet on a card that is lower than 7. If a 7 appears, you lose the bet.

The Dragon Tiger game is played with a standard 52-card deck. To start the game, the player must place a bet on either the dragon or the tiger. The dealer places two cards face up on the table and the highest card on the table wins. The cards have a value according to their numerical order. 

What is Side Bets

The live variant of this game features two side bets: the Tie Bet and the Suited Tie Bet. With these side bets you can receive large payouts, but the chances of this happening are very small so these bets are usually avoided.

When you bet on a Tie Bet you predict that there will be a tie. With this bet it doesn’t matter which color is drawn. You can enjoy a payout of 11:1 if you win and half of your initial stake is refunded.

When betting on a Suited Tie Bet, the cards must be equal in rank and suit. The payout for this bet is 50:1 and you get half of your original stake back.

What is House edge

Dragon Tiger game has a higher house edge than Baccarat or Casino War. The house edge is fixed at 3.37% on the two main bets. A deck of 52 cards has 86,320 possible outcomes. It is about 6,448 of these outcomes could end in a draw.

Dragon Tiger Game Through Live Sessions

It is quite popular in online casinos in Asia. The popularity of this card game has exploded since Evolution Gaming released its own live version of Dragon Tiger. In this quick version, the rounds take only 25 seconds.

The studio environment is decorated with striking Chinese symbols. The lighting effects are synchronized with the outcome of each hand and there are two optional side bets with payouts of up to 50:1.

This game is streamed in HD quality from one of Evolution’s many studios. When the game begins, the dealer places two competing cards on the table. Players can bet which card is the highest or whether the round will end in a tie.

The convenient user interface features detailed statistics that can help predict the following outcomes. The payout for the main bets are 1:1. The colored indicators show how much time you have left to place a bet. However, it is not a disaster if you miss a round because every 30 seconds a new round comes up.

Tips and Strategies of Dragon Tiger Games

This game based on luck, but you can use a few basic techniques. For example, you can remember the number of cards dealt and the remaining cards. That way you get an idea of ​​how many cards are left in the deck. This allows you to make wise decisions that increase your chances of winning.

The best betting options are betting on the dragon or the tiger. The side bets pay out a lot, but these outcomes are rare. You can also keep an eye on the statistics of the previous rounds to predict the future turns.

Dragon Tiger is a fun and simple card game based mainly on luck. You don’t have to use complicated strategies and you only have a few options to bet. Live Dragon Tiger from Evolution Gaming is an immersive version that won’t get boring anytime soon. It is one of the fastest live dealer games of the moment and well worth a try.

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