Thunder Birds Power Zones Review: High Volatile (Playtech)

To earn big winnings, you should read this Thunder Birds Power Zones review. Playtech’s Power Zones series is receiving a new online slot, and it’s one of the most fun options they’ve offered thus far.

It’s called Thunder Birds, and it’s based on a design that has birds hanging on wires rather than traditional reels. When you combine the Cluster Pays system with the 64 adorable birds that populate the gaming area, you get a lot of value.

Best Thunder Birds Power Zones Review

Thunder Birds: Power Zones have a Cluster Pays system (5+ symbols) and 8×8 reels. The stakes are high, with up to 9,000x the bet being paid out at the end of the best rounds. 

Even if the extreme volatility isn’t your cup of tea, we believe you’ll enjoy the 96.42% RTP. The Power Zone mechanism, tumbling reels, scatters, and free spins with up to 100x multipliers are among the game’s main features.

1. Wagering Options

A minimum bet of $0.10 will suffice, and the reels will begin spinning as a result. Of course, you might spend a lot more money, and a $100 maximum stake is an option.

Thunder Birds Power Zones Review

Thunder Birds: Power Zones is a good-paying slot with jackpots of up to 9,000x the wager. We call it acceptable because the large payout is offset by the slot’s high volatility, making it as dangerous as you’d expect. 

On the other hand, you understand what you’re getting into, and the game is fair enough in the long run, with an RTP of 96.42%.

2. Game Features

Using an 8×8 reel configuration, you’re generating clusters of winning symbols. To win a prize, you must match 5 or more symbols, with 25 or more symbols doubling the payout. Symbols that are joined horizontally and/or vertically constitute a cluster.

You’ll see that the slot doesn’t end there as you construct winning clusters. It keeps the Tumbling Reels mechanism, which means the winning symbols are discarded and new ones drop down, potentially leading to greater clusters.

While creating clusters, you gather drumsticks from the fried birds on the wire, and once you have four, you activate the Power Zone. This Power Zone takes up 4×4 spots in the center of the gaming area. 

A single random symbol is chosen by the game and given a Power Zone background wherever it appears on the reels. If it’s already a part of a Power Zone, it’ll be filled with only that type of symbol.

You’ll want to get to the free spins feature at some point. It will provide you between 8 and 12 free spins if you have a minimum of 4 Bonus scatters on the reels. The slot creates a new type of symbol that delivers a random multiplier of 2x to 100x to all round winners.

3. Design and Theme

Although the style is adorable, what happens on the reels may not be to everyone’s taste. We’re looking at a total of eight electrical wires, each with its own flock of eight birds. Using electricity from the cables, forming clusters of symbols fries the birds involved. 

Drumsticks from birds are gathered using specific meters. Aside from all the killing, the birds are very adorable, which just adds to the problem. Overall, a fantastic design with a really appealing appearance.

They used a variety of birds in varied colors for the list of symbols. Blue, purple, white, pink, orange, or green baby birds are available.

Final Thoughts

To conclude this Thunder Birds Power Zones review, it is a terrific new Power Zones title, and while it has no link to the other slots we’ve seen that use these features so far, we think it’ll be a pleasant one for gamesdinasti players who can handle the high volatility.

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